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Hi, I'm Sloane.

I create dainty, modern jewelry in my Indianapolis, IN studio.

What materials do I work with?

A lot of jewelry produced today is plated and won’t last long. I only create your jewelry from quality materials that wear long-term. 

Your jewelry is always crafted from Argentium Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled wire and sheet metal. You won’t have to worry about tarnishing, flaking or turning your skin green like plated jewelry does. Argentium Sterling Silver is produced from 100% recycled silver, and 14K Gold Filled wears like solid gold with minimal care. Want to find out more about our materials? Check here.

How did I get started?

I have loved crafting ever since I was a little kid. Polymer clay was my favorite medium and I would make clay beads to string into necklaces. Knowing I wanted to study art,  I pursued a BFA from Ball State University and took a class in metalsmithing. I loved the ability to take such a stiff, hard material and change it into something so dainty. 

I have been running Sloane Jewelry Design since graduating in 2013. Each piece is still designed and produced by hand from start to finish in my midwest studio from spools of wire and sheets of metal before mailing to you!