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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to ship?

All of your orders are made-to-order so allow up to 3 business days for your jewelry to be made before shipping.

What is Argentium Sterling Silver?

Argentium Sterling Silver is a step up from traditional sterling silver. It is always nickel free and made from 100% recycled silver. It is stronger than sterling, so it resists scratches and dents. It is also tarnish resistant so there is less care to keep it shiny.

What is 14K Gold Filled?

Gold filled is made from a process that heats and pressure bonds a solid 14K gold layer to a brass core. This process produces an extremely durable, quality product that will last for many years. Gold filled is regulated by law that the finished piece must have a layer of gold that is at least 5% of the item’s weight. 

Gold filled jewelry should not be confused with gold plated jewelry. Gold plated jewelry is made from metal that is dipped into a thin film of gold. Gold plated jewelry doesn’t last long and will often chip or flake off and turn your skin green.

Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

All of our jewelry is nickel free and does not affect MOST people with allergies. Our silver is more pure than traditional sterling and our gold filled jewelry wears like solid gold.

How can I care for my pieces?

Silver will tarnish over time. The best thing you can do for your silver is wear it! It tends to slow down tarnish and keeps your jewelry looking fresh! Try not to store it in dark, damp or humid locations as this will expedite tarnish on your jewelry. If you need to polish it, use a soft polishing cloth (we love Sunshine cloths).

Gold Filled jewelry doesn’t require much care. It will stay looking and wearing like solid gold pretty easily. Try to avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals like cleaners and perfumes. 

For necklaces, try to keep your jewelry stored in zip top bags or at least away from one another to avoid tangles.

Can I exchange or return my jewelry?

We offer returns and exchanges on all pieces within 30 days of delivery. For personalized jewelry, we cannot offer a return or exchange since it is customized, but please reach out to me and I can see if we can figure something out.

If you would like to start a return or exchange, please send an email to

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Please email with your business information and I will send you wholesale information.